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  1. Hi Acusolve Users, Can anyone help me in extracting average momentum value about my coordinate system during post processing. How to extract these values ? Is it possible to do in acufieldview or using some scripts we can extract. Thank you in advance
  2. Thank you for the reply. I am sorry but any scope in Acusolve for solving such cases. I will be interested to understand the pressure drops in each holes in the shower rather than on particle movements currently.
  3. Hi Acusolve users, I have a problem related to bathroom shower where I need to see the flow distribution. I need suggestions on the methodology to be applied. I am thinking to create a cylinder as shown in figure(second one) to capture the flows. But will it be possible to do in acusolve as it will be a case of multiphase flow.(Water+ atm. air). Any suggestions to achieve a correct methodology ?
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