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  1. Thanks for reply, Now I am performing Modal Frequency Response Analysis, As a Input I have the Load exported from MSC Adams which are the force values w.r.t time. That I have inputed in TABLED1 but how I could create the Force Load Collector as it need Magnitude to create as I have varying load what to enter in magnitude section?
  2. I am performing a modal analysis of my sheet metal structure and I have used rbe3 and rbe2 elements to connect two sheet metal part mesh. But, it showing error as saying "massless body found". I want to ask that in modal analysis rigid body work or not?
  3. Thanks Praful for your reply. How to convert flexbody h3d via flexprep tool ? As I don't have .fem file , All I have is the cad part file as a Input which I have imported as a Geometry in Motion View.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am in the process of making a motorcycle model in motion view and wanted to get the forces on each components under several Loading cases. I am interested in finding the forces under vertical bump condition on front and rear wheels. But, I am facing some problems in generating the results. As, the system has been run but still no results were generated. Can anyone help me in this. I am uploading <.mdl>file. Chassis(Frame)_graphic.h3d Frame with Points.mdl
  5. Praful and Felipe thank you for your replies. There's one more doubt, during the modelling I have used Bistop function to create GAP function but it is not calculating it. What could be the possible reasons for this error.
  6. I am working on the Motorcycle model so making the bike model in motion view for forces. So, in initial stage we have to import fem file or cad file will do the work ?
  7. Hi Everyone, I was performing rupture analysis using M2-John-Zeril Card Image Material . I have made Rbe2 rigid element in optistruct and after switching to radioss it has converted the rigid to RBODY automatically. So, I have doubt that : 1. I have to convert/update all RBODY back it into RBe2 element in RADIOSS Or it will work ? 2. Or, I have recreate the RBODY elements. As so far so now, I have selected and updated all the automatically created RBODY element into Rbe2 Element. But, error was encountered " ERROR ID : 804 ** ERROR IN RBE2 ELEMENT DEFINITION (MASS) .. GEOMETRY PLOT FILE .. ERROR ==> NO RESTART FILE ERROR TERMINATION ------------------ 1 ERROR(S) 9 WARNING(S) PLEASE CHECK LISTING FILE FOR FURTHER DETAILS ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== "
  8. Is there is a way to reconnect my rigid elements as I have changed my element order from 2 to 1 degree. But, my connection were earlier connected at mid side nodes. So, is there's a way to reconnect again those rigid elements or I have to create it again ?? The BLUE Marker showing midsize nodes which now is in valid as the the order is change to 1 degree I have about approx 500 RBE2 Elements as shown below. So, is there's a way to reconnect it.
  9. But, my model has a PSHELL elements and MATS1 does not supports 2D elements in OPTISTRUCT as you said earlier. So, can you guide me in performing the Non-linear analysis in Optistruct.
  10. Thankyou for the reply, So, for the Non-Linear Static Analysis where I want to give the stress-strain curve for the material, I have to perform in Radioss User profile ? My structure composed of 2D Elements only.
  11. Now, the error is showing- " *** ERROR # 1583 *** for material id = 1 referenced from element id = 1. MATS1 is presently not supported for second order shells (CQUAD8 and CTRIA6). " But, according to my study MATS1 can be used for 2D SHELL elements.
  12. Hi Everyone, I was performing on my model through creating Stress-Strain curve and putting data values as per the curve given below. I have used NLPARM in Load Step. The error it is showing is quoted as : "The plastic material data specified on the TABLES1 bulk data entry ID=5 is invalid. The slope after the initial yield point is not less than the Young's modulus. ( 1.468927e+005 >= 1.550543e+005 ) at the segment 2. " I got, that the slope after the initial yield point should be less than the young modulus. So, I have ensure that very carefully in my curve but also it is showing the same error. Kindly clear my doubt as if I am doing something wrong. Thank you for reading and for answering. Enclosure: In the curve I have selected the first curve among all the curves.
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