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  1. Hi Everyone, I was performing rupture analysis using M2-John-Zeril Card Image Material . I have made Rbe2 rigid element in optistruct and after switching to radioss it has converted the rigid to RBODY automatically. So, I have doubt that : 1. I have to convert/update all RBODY back it into RBe2 element in RADIOSS Or it will work ? 2. Or, I have recreate the RBODY elements. As so far so now, I have selected and updated all the automatically created RBODY element into Rbe2 Element. But, error was encountered " ERROR ID : 804 ** ERROR IN RBE2 ELEMENT DEFINITION (MASS) .. GEOMETRY PLOT FILE .. ERROR ==> NO RESTART FILE ERROR TERMINATION ------------------ 1 ERROR(S) 9 WARNING(S) PLEASE CHECK LISTING FILE FOR FURTHER DETAILS ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== "
  2. Is there is a way to reconnect my rigid elements as I have changed my element order from 2 to 1 degree. But, my connection were earlier connected at mid side nodes. So, is there's a way to reconnect again those rigid elements or I have to create it again ?? The BLUE Marker showing midsize nodes which now is in valid as the the order is change to 1 degree I have about approx 500 RBE2 Elements as shown below. So, is there's a way to reconnect it.
  3. But, my model has a PSHELL elements and MATS1 does not supports 2D elements in OPTISTRUCT as you said earlier. So, can you guide me in performing the Non-linear analysis in Optistruct.
  4. Thankyou for the reply, So, for the Non-Linear Static Analysis where I want to give the stress-strain curve for the material, I have to perform in Radioss User profile ? My structure composed of 2D Elements only.
  5. Now, the error is showing- " *** ERROR # 1583 *** for material id = 1 referenced from element id = 1. MATS1 is presently not supported for second order shells (CQUAD8 and CTRIA6). " But, according to my study MATS1 can be used for 2D SHELL elements.
  6. Hi Everyone, I was performing on my model through creating Stress-Strain curve and putting data values as per the curve given below. I have used NLPARM in Load Step. The error it is showing is quoted as : "The plastic material data specified on the TABLES1 bulk data entry ID=5 is invalid. The slope after the initial yield point is not less than the Young's modulus. ( 1.468927e+005 >= 1.550543e+005 ) at the segment 2. " I got, that the slope after the initial yield point should be less than the young modulus. So, I have ensure that very carefully in my curve but also it is showing the same error. Kindly clear my doubt as if I am doing something wrong. Thank you for reading and for answering. Enclosure: In the curve I have selected the first curve among all the curves.
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