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  1. Thanks!!! I have solved the problem. But there is a new problem. Could you help me? "RBE2 174990 26374 0 3827 3828 3829 3830 3831" *** See next message about line 26437 from file: C:/Users/Zaily/Desktop/Altair_practise/HM/5_1_1.fem "RBE2 174990 26374 0 3827 3828 3829 3830 3831" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 4. As a newbie, I don't know how to solve the error according to the error message. Could you give some suggession?
  2. Hi guys, I have a model composed by about 27 parts. This model is a STEP file. After importing the geometry into Hypermesh, I linked the parts in contact between boolean operations. Now the topology of the model is correct and I have created a 2D mesh of all parts. When I want to create a 3D mesh of all parts by tetramesh command, the status bar shows " Tria mesh and free edges". After I used Tools > Edges panel for check, there is " no edges were found.Selected elements may enclose volume". However, when I executed the Boolean operation and used the tetramesh command directly, I successfully created a 3D mesh of all parts. Who can tell me the reason? Thanks!
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