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  1. hi,guys!In hyperview, I am trying to automatically report in the form of PPT by coding. My codes is as follows: proc ::AutoCreateReport::AutoCreatePPT {pptpath} { set templatepath $pptpath; hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle sessionH sessionH GetPublishingHandle pub pub GetPPTPublishHandle ppt ppt SetSyncAtPublish false ppt SetSyncHgNotes false ppt SetDestination "disk" ppt SetPathOnDisk $templatepath ppt Publish ppt ReleaseHandle pub ReleaseHandle sessionH ReleaseHandle hwi CloseStack } But there is always the error that is as follows: ::hw::publish::ppt::GUI::PublishCB 1 while executing "# Compiled -- no source code available error "called a copy of a compiled script"" It is so appreciate to you for helping me solve it.
  2. Hi Livil Lyle, When I try it in the version 17 again, it is ok. Thank you very mush. Regards, Shi Feng
  3. Hi, Livil Lyle. Thanks for your answer. I also thinks that it is in the session class. But I could not find this command--GetPPTPublishHandle. When I try to use this command, the system shows the message that "Object named: sessionH (of type hwISession) could not find requested method: GetPublishingHandle. Or the method was called with incorrect arguments." The version that I use is 14.0. I have no idea how to solve this problem. It is appreciate for you to help me in this aspect.
  4. hi, guys! In hyperview, I want to generate the report by tcl commands. But in the class hierarchy, I couldn't find the way of defining the handle about ppt (hwIPPTPublish_handle). It is appreciate for you to help me solve this problem. Thank you very much.
  5. hi, guys! In hyperview, I want to display the stress cloud by coding. But I do not know why the model is always gray. The codes is as follows: shiyantai_cont_$a SetDataType "Element Stresses(2D&3D)(vonMises,Max)" shiyantai_cont_$a SetDataComponent "2d_mesh" shiyantai_cont_$a SetDimensionEnabled shell true shiyantai_cont_$a SetLayer "Max" shiyantai_cont_$a SetCornerDataEnabled false shiyantai_cont_$a SetAverageMode Advanced shiyantai_cont_$a SetEnableState true shiyantai_cont_$a GetLegendHandle myleg_shiyantai_cont_stre_$a myleg_shiyantai_cont_stre_$a SetVisibility True mypost_$a SetDisplayOptions contour true mypost_$a SetDisplayOptions legend true mypost_$a Draw There are two components in the model. One of them is named "2d_mesh" to store 2D mesh cells, and the other is named "tetramesh" to store tetrahedral cells. When I run the above code, the system does not report an error, but the whole model is always gray. Please help me. Thank you very much.
  6. Hello, I have some questions that I hope you can help me to solve. I want to automatically generate reports in the hyperview by coding. What I'm talking about is a model made up of several components. I don't know how to retrieve the component id that I want to hide, like the component called rbe2 , among all components. First of all, I want to hide the component named "rbe2", write the code as follows, myres SetCurrentSubcase caseid myres GetContourCtrlHandle cont cont SetDataType Displacement cont SetEnableState true cont GetLegendHandle cont_dis cont_dis SetVisibility True mypost SetDisplayOptions contour true mypost SetDisplayOptions legend true mypost Draw; But in legend ,I don't want the deformation value of the elements in the "rbe2" component that has been hidden. But it didn't work. Secondly, I don't know how to code for how to edit the legend of the contingency cloud map. Can you give some examples. I hope to achieve the goal of legend as shown in the figure below. Thank you very much.
  7. Thanks!!! I have solved the problem. But there is a new problem. Could you help me? "RBE2 174990 26374 0 3827 3828 3829 3830 3831" *** See next message about line 26437 from file: C:/Users/Zaily/Desktop/Altair_practise/HM/5_1_1.fem "RBE2 174990 26374 0 3827 3828 3829 3830 3831" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 4. As a newbie, I don't know how to solve the error according to the error message. Could you give some suggession?
  8. Hi guys, I have a model composed by about 27 parts. This model is a STEP file. After importing the geometry into Hypermesh, I linked the parts in contact between boolean operations. Now the topology of the model is correct and I have created a 2D mesh of all parts. When I want to create a 3D mesh of all parts by tetramesh command, the status bar shows " Tria mesh and free edges". After I used Tools > Edges panel for check, there is " no edges were found.Selected elements may enclose volume". However, when I executed the Boolean operation and used the tetramesh command directly, I successfully created a 3D mesh of all parts. Who can tell me the reason? Thanks!
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