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  1. Hi, I applied rigid body between chassis and floor. But there is something wrong between connection. I am attached the result video, can you help me to show the problem. Video_1_Eror.avi Video_2_eror.avi
  2. hello this is my email: ewsaputro@student.undip.ac.id
  3. I am stuck in rollover simulation this bus, can you help me with this?I am attached error data from Radioss log. Can I email you privately? Eror.txt
  4. Oke thank you very much. I will try to follow your steps
  5. This is my model. Can you tell me anything wrong with my model simple_bus_7.hm
  6. Hello. I'm carrying out roll over analysis on simple bus as shown in attached image. I've assigned imposed velocity along axis and not get rotation on tilt table. Ff you can help me in achieving a tilt please provide some steps to follow. simulation_15.avi
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