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  1. Hello, I have corroborated that Von Mises STRESS is output considering this formula, with principal stresses What formula does hypermesh uses for strain? Thank you!
  2. I am migrating an analysisi from Ansys Workbench to Optistruct. I am currently using RB3 to simulate these remote forces. What do you think about it?
  3. Hello! I want to measure the volume of a solid. I know I can find this in Tool --> Mass Calc I am interested in measuring the volume with more numerical precicion. Is there a way of increasing this? For example i would like to read more numbers beyond 2.781 as the image shows. Thank you
  4. Hello, When NO clearance is specified in contacts, what is Optistruct criterion to differentiate of an open and close contact? Thank you!
  5. Hello I am converting a model from ANsys workbench to Hypermesh Optistruct and my question is: Is there any force declaration that resembles Remote Forces in Optistruct? Thank you!
  6. I am Using 2017 Version. The thing is that i am NOT using midsurface for this model :O Just 3D elements. No, I did not declare any clearance. Wha tdo you think about it?
  7. Helllo, I have been using CNTPRM with PREPRT toggled on. This generates .cpr file with the satus of my contacts What is RawGap? The small description is not very clear or illustrative, do you have another explanation? Thank you!
  8. Hello, I want to see how the GAP between two 3D Solid Elements changes before and after preload and external load. As the image shows , the initial gap is aproximately .1 mm and after preload, aproximately 0mm. My goal is that after an external loading this gap is NOT greater than .2 mm. What would you suggest for: Contact Property Card (Clearance, Stiffness, Tracking, SRCHDIS, MORIENT and so on)? Thank you!
  9. Where can I find the CONTPRM card used to generate de .CPR file that contains this information about contacts? Thank you!
  10. Hello How can I obtain the gap between a bolt and the bolted joint? What i mean with is is: We are expecting the gap to be ~0 when pretension is applied. When external loads are applied this gap might increase. How can I measure this in Optistruct? Thank you!
  11. I have worked before with Pretension analysis and pretension manager on Optistruct. I am obtaining this error at the moment *** ERROR # 3090 *** Normals on the cutting section of PRETENS #20 are not consistent. Do you kow what this means? Thank you!
  12. I asked this question before in the forum but I am open to hearing new suggestions. In Ansys and Abaqus solvers I Used to apply a "Skin" (2D elements based on the outer surface of 3D elements) on castings in order to read superficial stresses in Hyperview. These elements were membrane elements and were declared different than regular shell elements. (.01 thicknesss shell elements) For Optistruct which type of element is the one suited as membrane element? Is there any other approach to read superficial stress on castings? Thank you!
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