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  1. if i did an advance Joints, can i know the stress? or is it only possible to know the stress through flexbody?
  2. yehoo


    does anybody know how to solve this? i planning on knowing the eqution of a surface of a cam lobes, so that i can create a curve in motionview.
  3. i'm trying to Analyse the stress and behaviour of the 2 components in the picture. the green part is a Flexbody. i have defined a contact between the lobe(Grey) and cylinder(red). From what i know, Stress Analysis can only be performed on a flexbody(correct me if im wrong). if i define the lobe as a flexbody, then the contact error Pop up when i run the model. i think if i add an advanced Joint, it could solve the Problem. But i'm not sure how i can create a curve on the lobe surface.
  4. yehoo


    hi, is there a way to create a curve equation from a surface of a solid or component? either Hypermesh or Motionview.. thanks in advance
  5. Hi, i have two questions/problems for now 1) Is there a way to perform Stress Analysis without using a flexbody? 2) when i create a flexbody and define a contact at the Body, an error was shown when i tried to run the model. (Entity Model-PartBody.2 is turned off but is referenced by Model-Contact 3-jg_1. [General]) thanks in advance.
  6. i Change the Input and initial condition of the Motion and ist Joint to Velocity and it seems to be working. the Motion is like i imagined. i'm not sure where was the problem
  7. Hi, sorry, i don't thik i can share the model publicly since it is a working Project. i have tried to work using geometry from cad, and the message log did not Show anymore when i run the model, but the model did not move at all. (This is actually my first time working with Motionview)
  8. hi, i have meshed the geometry first in HM, then Export it to MotionView. Is it better to use the geometry from CAD than HM? thanks for the info though. I'll try to use the geometry from CAD instead of HM. Is the mesh Quality will be about the same, if it´s automaticly meshed by Motionview and will it effects the results?
  9. hi, i have created a 2 3d rigid to rigid contact, but when i try to run the calculation, this message log Shows for the two contacts. i have checked the model in Hypermesh, there is no free edges or red line in the so called model or geometry.
  10. yehoo

    error 1253

    i'm trying to perform Multi Body Simulation using Hypermesh because there is a Problem with Motionview. This model consist of 9 moving components. i have set all the boundaries, Motion, gravity, contacts, joints and everything (as far as im aware). i have followed the guides from OS-1940. When i try to run the calculation, this error showed up. verspru joints.out
  11. i managed to solve it.. basically i moved the .hm data to other file which does not contain any umlaut(ü,ö,ä,ß)..
  12. hi, does anyone know what is error 1253 and how to solve it? thanks
  13. Hi, i have tried to Import a .hm file into Motionview, but the process has failed and it shows a message like the first Picture. i have also tried to Import a cad(step) data, the Import process was fine according to motionview, but there is no graphic. see second Picture.
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