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  1. Hi, is there a way to save the complete data together(including Graphic and CSV data) in the same file. it seems like if i move the Graphic or CSV file, the Motionview file could not detect the data anymore and no graphic or curve is defined in the MDL file. I need to `guide` the directory again to the CAD or CSV file. Thanks in advance. Farris
  2. Hi , I think you can create a new material with high young modulus(E-Modul) value. This would mean the component is rigid. or another method to save some calculation time, create a 2d mesh for the components(Pink and blue) and define rigid body for both of them.
  3. i have use other method.. which is: i use the displacement produce due to the force applied on the 1d model, and apply it in a 3d model which have the biggest deformation from the 1d model
  4. Hello, i am trying to calculate von Mises stress for a beam. The beam has a weird cross section and i already defined the section in hyperbeam. for properties i use PBEAM, since there is no cross section that is the same in optisctruct library. i have gave the value for continuation line 2, 5 and 6. in Output, i have requested stress for all type. There is no problem during the calculation and in the result type(Hyperview), it only shows Displacement, Element strain(1D) and Element stress(1D). Under Stress, i can only choose axial and long. stress, but i need von Mises Stress. How can i obtain the von MIses stress? thanks in advance
  5. 3d contact is one of the easiest way, but i received an assignment to try different method available. the problem that i have by 2d and advance joints is curve. In my model there is a lobe(camshaft) and i need to create a curve based on the contour. i create alot of points on the curve but the graph is still not smooth. is there a way to smoothened out a curve so that there is no 'interference' in the force-time graph?
  6. Hi, I have two main questions (for now) 1) I have define an advance joints between two bodies and is there a way to define the contact force between these two bodies without using the 3D or 2D contact simulation? 2) what does it mean when i define output-force-body and how can i see the result in hypergraph or hyperview? thanks for the help!
  7. Hi, What's the difference between the contact properties (Normal force) in Motionview. i have tested Impact and Volume model and the contact force between the two are different. Which should i take/use for the Simulation. thanks in advance.
  8. if i did an advance Joints, can i know the stress? or is it only possible to know the stress through flexbody?
  9. yehoo


    does anybody know how to solve this? i planning on knowing the eqution of a surface of a cam lobes, so that i can create a curve in motionview.
  10. i'm trying to Analyse the stress and behaviour of the 2 components in the picture. the green part is a Flexbody. i have defined a contact between the lobe(Grey) and cylinder(red). From what i know, Stress Analysis can only be performed on a flexbody(correct me if im wrong). if i define the lobe as a flexbody, then the contact error Pop up when i run the model. i think if i add an advanced Joint, it could solve the Problem. But i'm not sure how i can create a curve on the lobe surface.
  11. yehoo


    hi, is there a way to create a curve equation from a surface of a solid or component? either Hypermesh or Motionview.. thanks in advance
  12. Hi, i have two questions/problems for now 1) Is there a way to perform Stress Analysis without using a flexbody? 2) when i create a flexbody and define a contact at the Body, an error was shown when i tried to run the model. (Entity Model-PartBody.2 is turned off but is referenced by Model-Contact 3-jg_1. [General]) thanks in advance.
  13. i Change the Input and initial condition of the Motion and ist Joint to Velocity and it seems to be working. the Motion is like i imagined. i'm not sure where was the problem
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