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  1. Hi @Junta, It works!!!!! TQVM.
  2. Hi everyone, I am on my self paced meshing training using HM desktop. I would like to do 2D cfd simulation. How to do mesh extrusion in HM and reorganize the element to the respective surface (inflow, outflow etc)? In AcuConsole, there is mesh extrusion, is the extrusion feature available in HM as well? I mesh the top first (as shown below) then want to extrude -0.2 m in z direction. then it become volume element. i not sure how reorganize element for surface boundary condition such as inflow, outflow etc which required 2D element. Btw, is mesh extrusion available in HM CFD?
  3. Hi @cfdguru, sorry for interrupting. Is this mean that advancing front meshing technique (HW-CFD) is numerically better than Delaunay triangulation (AcuConsole)? So, back to meshing case above, 'beautiful or radial growth' mesh does effect the simulation runtime?
  4. Thank you so much for your insight & advise. So i can conclude that single phase - free surface simulation does have its limitation. Multi-phase simulation cross my mind now. What do you think about multi-phase simulation? Does it consume more computational power compared to single phase - free surface or less (based on your experience if you have any)? *For the time being, i am running the simulation without free surface (Slip).
  5. Yes, the experiment does show chaotic wave breaking near the free surface of the cylinder. I will try your suggestion. Another question, if the freestream velocity is at 0.34 m, what velocity should i use at initial condition? should it be the same as free stream or set it at zero and make it increasing gradually over time until it reach 0.34 m? Unfortunately, i cannot share the .inp file. I am very sorry.
  6. The flow rate is quite high as the reynold number is 8500. Inlet & initial condition velocity was set at 0.34 m. I still insist to include free surface technology due to validation purpose with experiment. For now, maybe i should try without the free surface (simplification). But still, are there any work around to include free surface tech in the simulation?
  7. In case my simulation is unclear. v1_r2.mp4
  8. Hello everyone, I would like to ask if there is any special requirement in order to determine the proper timestep for simulation that use ALE Mesh + Free surface. Usually, i calculate my timestep using Courant number = 0.5, but still after sometimes the simulation crash with error: Severe mesh distortion; must reduce time increment. Is there any proper/correct formula to calculate timestep size for these condition? *I am simulating a vibrating cylinder. free stream velocity: X-direction active cylinder motion: Y-direction
  9. Hi Hafidz, Please check whether Tesla can be use for graphical usage as i believe it is made for computing. AcuFieldview use gpu for rendering and as far as i know, for nvidia, RTX and GTX series can support rendering program such as post processing programs (AcuFieldview), rendering (video editing/games) etc. Please correct me if i am wrong.
  10. Dear AcuPro, Its working!!! TQVM!
  11. Dear Acupro, i have tried the solution you provided but still, unsuccessful. at nodal initial condition, i need to use script instead of built in table at nodal boundary condition. Is it possible for u to fix my mistake using my .acs file as attach? my domain as follow: X Min/Max: -20.0 20.0 Y Min/Max: -10.0 -10.0 Z Min/Max: -20.0 0.0 flow direction: positive x Shear_flow.acs
  12. Hello every one. I need help. How to generate shear flow at velocity inlet & nodal initial condition at AcuSolve (as attach picture). For now, i only want to simulate shear flow in empty domain. After shear flow successfully generate, i want to put riser in the domain.
  13. I see. Tqvm @ydigit for the info. Hopefully AcuSolve/HyperMesh/Hyperworks X/HW CFD X can have this feature for user convenience. Cheers!
  14. Hello everyone, I would like to ask is there any features in AcuSolve/AcuConsole/HyperMesh to calculate frontal area? For simple object (cylinder/box) i can calculate it manually, but not for complex object such as offshore jacket platform/ships/FPSO. p/s: If im not mistaken, in Ansys Fluent, the frontal area (reference area) can be calculate automatically by Fluent itself. Hopefully AcSolve have this feature as well.
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