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  1. Dear AcuPro, Its working!!! TQVM!
  2. Dear Acupro, i have tried the solution you provided but still, unsuccessful. at nodal initial condition, i need to use script instead of built in table at nodal boundary condition. Is it possible for u to fix my mistake using my .acs file as attach? my domain as follow: X Min/Max: -20.0 20.0 Y Min/Max: -10.0 -10.0 Z Min/Max: -20.0 0.0 flow direction: positive x Shear_flow.acs
  3. Hello every one. I need help. How to generate shear flow at velocity inlet & nodal initial condition at AcuSolve (as attach picture). For now, i only want to simulate shear flow in empty domain. After shear flow successfully generate, i want to put riser in the domain.
  4. I see. Tqvm @ydigit for the info. Hopefully AcuSolve/HyperMesh/Hyperworks X/HW CFD X can have this feature for user convenience. Cheers!
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to ask is there any features in AcuSolve/AcuConsole/HyperMesh to calculate frontal area? For simple object (cylinder/box) i can calculate it manually, but not for complex object such as offshore jacket platform/ships/FPSO. p/s: If im not mistaken, in Ansys Fluent, the frontal area (reference area) can be calculate automatically by Fluent itself. Hopefully AcSolve have this feature as well.
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