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  1. Hi, I´m modeling an electric machine. Magnetic materials are modeled by means of their measured data, so I am using an isotropic spline to model magnetization curves. I only got partial data: for instance, BH curves measurements performed up to H = 3000 A/m. How does Flux extrapolate the curve behavior for H > 3000 A/m? straight curve with the same slope? Why is this message shown: The final derivative of points defining the spline curve of material ROTOR must be equal to Mu0. The final relative permeability is equal to: 9.9859 Thank you. Best regards
  2. Hi Abdessamed, I selected OPTIONS from Flux Supervisor (on the bottom left of the environment). A window opens. There is a menu on the left. Below ACCESS PATH there is not the option COUPLED SOFTWARE you mentioned. How can I fix it?
  3. Hello everyone, How can I open Matlab Simulink via Flux supervisor?
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