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  1. Severe mesh distortion; must reduce time increment acuSolve: Max error ref. coord. = 4.804283e-004 -6.017617e-005 -1.802330e-005 acuSolve: Max error curr. coord. = 4.804267e-004 -6.000000e-005 -1.802330e-005 acuSolve: Worst elem. has nodes = 398 7450 7451 11222 acuSolve: Severe mesh distortion; mesh not fully updated
  2. I have attached some screenshots which may help for reference. Set mesh-motion Setting grid motion on the surface of moving object
  3. This is the error that is prompted during the exercise.
  4. Thanks for your help I recently used UDF to define motion, and I found a program for rotating translational motion in the official help document, but when I ran it, it made some errors, showing grid divergence, but I've increased the number of grids near objects, and it's still not getting better. Please help me again. Thank you very much. usrRotTransMmo.c
  5. Hello, I encountered some mistakes when using UDF to define the motion of an object. The C file uses the rotational translation motion given in the tutorial (attached below). But there are always grid divergence errors in the running process. usrRotTransMmo.c
  6. I've just solved the problem of how to set up a working directory, but I'm still prompted that the gravity. obj file can't be found in the working directory. But the display shows that libusr.dll has been created
  7. Thank you very much, but I still don't know what to do. What commands do I need to enter before I can enter the directory where the user functions in C code are located? What libraries are necessary for ACUMAKEDLL to use? I found libabd. lib, libcci. lib, libeco. lib, libfrm. lib only in the installation directory of acusolve. But he doesn't seem to be what acuMakeDll needs. I attach the relevant library files, header files and C programs that may be needed in the running of the program. In udf.h file, only some functions are declared, but the program how these functions work is not given. But I can't find the relevant documents. I hope you can help me see where this problem appears. ACU4002_SloshingTank.zip udf.h libfrm.lib libeco.lib libcci.lib libadb.lib gravity.c acusim.h
  8. Question 3 Header files: acusim.h and udf.h Source file: gravity.c Running in VS2013, the following errors occurred: Error LNK2019: Unparsable external symbol udfGetUsrVals, which is quoted in the function usrGravity as D: Documents ACU4002_Sloshing Tank Console Application 3 Console Application 3 Console Application 3 y. obj Error 4 LNK1120: Three unresolved external commands D: Documents ACU4002_Sloshing Tank Console Application 3 x64 Debug Console Application 3.dll After searching for information on the Internet, I found that some people said that the reason for this problem was the lack of library files (.lib/.dll). I hope you can help me. Thank you very much.
  9. Question 2 Enter only acuMakeDll to display the following information
  10. Thank you very much I have a few questions to ask you. Question 1: Interface for starting acusolve Cmd prompt Default d:\ Documents> Is that right? If not, how do I modify the path? Do I need to set the path of the model folder?
  11. Hello, "C: Users ducho Desktop multiphase" Is this your working file? How is this set up? When I open my acusolve CMD prompt, default d: Document, do you know how to set it to the current working folder?
  12. Hello, have you solved this problem? I have the same problem as you. E:3_leiyou.... Is this your way of working? How is this set up? My acusolve CMD prompt, do you know how to modify it?
  13. whj


    Hello, do you know how to call UDF library? Error LNK 2019: An unrecognizable external symbol XX, which is referenced in function XX, has been appearing all the time. It seems to be due to the lack of Library files.
  14. whj


    Hello: I have encountered some problems in learning acusolve acu-4002, and I have been unable to run gravity.c file. My compiler software has been installed (VS2013), and the environment configuration has been completed according to the relevant information (Figure 1). However, the following problem was encountered in operation (Figure 2). The gravity. obj file cannot be found, nor can the. Dll file be generated. I also tried to run gravity. C program separately in VS2013, but I also found many errors. (Fig. 3) 1. error LNK2019: Unparsable external symbol _udfCheckNumUsrVals, which is referenced in function _usrGravity 2. error LNK1120: Three unresolved external commands 3. IntelliSense: Undefined identifier "Integer" 4. IntelliSense: Undefined identifier "String" 5. IntelliSense: Undefined identifier "Void" 6. IntelliSense: Undefined identifier "Real" I hope you can help me. Thank you very much.
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