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  1. thank you I will look into it regards, bhanutheja
  2. Hi, I am looking for tutorial video RD-E 5300 Thermal Analysis in Radioss. If any one has the link., please share. Thanks in advance.,
  3. Hi, Can you please share any tutorial video & material for "Transient heat transfer and thermo-mechanical coupling" in Radioss.
  4. Hi, I am performing a Non Linear Transient Thermo- Mechanical Analysis., As part of that i would like to represent Element Birth & Death in Radioss/ Optistruct Is it possible to represent in Radioss? If so, tell me how? Thanks & Regards, Bhanutheja
  5. Hi everyone, I am exploring to know about representation of plane stress condition for a spot welded 2 specimens. How can we represent that in optistruct? Could you please suggest me Thanks in advance
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