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  1. Hi, I am modelling heat transfer, (natural and forced convection) of a cabinet with an internal heat source. Please see attached figure. I am using the Boussinesq approximation and including gravity so need to use 'Hydrostatic pressure on' setting. Can someone please explain where to set the hydrostatic pressure origin? Am I right to assume it is in the middle of my outflow surface that is venting to atmosphere? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi acupro, Could you please check if this is the correct method. All inlets/outlets consist of identical fluid - air. I have run my simulation again with the following settings: Species equation turned ON Advective Diffusive. Number of Species = 1. Inlet 1: Species1 = 0 Inlet 2: Species1 = 1 Is it correct to assume that approximately 95 percent of Inlet 2 flows through this arbitrary surface? Is this volume fraction? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I have created an arbitrary surface in my air duct model to calculate mass flux using AcuProbe, however this returns total mass flux through the surface. I have a system with two inlets (Inlet 1, Inlet 2) and three outlets (Outlet 1, Outlet 2, Outlet 3). Is it possible to quantify the amount of air from Inlet 1 only that flows through this arbitrary surface? I have created a surface in Acu console and did not apply any BCs. Only checked surface output. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Ydigit, The issue is not with the definition of turbulence intensity but that my turbulence intensity parameter may be out by a factor of 100. In AcuConsole, the parameter is called Percent Turbulence Intensity, so for this I would simply input a value of 5 corresponding to 5 percent. However in HM Solve Browser, the parameter is called Turbulence Intensity. So should I input a value of 5 or 0.05 to represent 5 percent?? Hope this clears up any confusion.
  5. Hi, I have a question regarding the Turbulence Intensity parameter that is located under the solver browser in Hypermesh 2019.1 (AcuSolve User Profile). What are the units of this parameter? Is it represented as a percentage or ratio? (I've attached a screen snippet) For example in AcuConsole GUI, the turbulence intensity parameter is input as a percentage (e.g 2.5 for 2.5% turbulence intensity). Best regards Brenton
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