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  1. Hi , I am trying to use 'Map to surface" option . PFB the Image. Basically I want to retain a standard mesh to similar type of bracket with different sizes .e.g. L shape Brackets.
  2. Hi All, I am trying to do morphing 2D elements to a surface. But unable to do so. Can anyone please help? Best Regards, Dhairyasheel Desai
  3. Thanks Livil, This code was really helpful :):) Best Regards, Dhairyasheel Desai Tata Technologies
  4. Hi Livil, Thanks for the Reply. It was very Helpful. 1 ) My question was about font of INPUT DIALOG font create myFont -family cambria -size 14 "set myanswer [hwtk::inputdialog -title "Material" -text "Enter Material Name" -font myFont". 2) About Assigning the Procedure to the Default Buttons on the Dialogue Box (OK , CANCEL, APPLY) Please refer to the Images attached. Thanks in Advance Best Regards, Dhairyasheel Tata Technologies
  5. Hi All, I facing Issue in three widgets : 1) Change the font of Inputs Dialogue in TK (e.g CAMBRIA , 14) 2) How to assign the values of a dynamically created Entry Box to a list using TCL. 3) How to assign the procedure to the buttons in Dialogue. (OK , APPLY and CANCEL on the dialogue Box situated at the bottom) please help me to clarify these doubts. Best Regards, Dhairyasheel Desai
  6. Hi tinh, I was not able to find any post related to this. can you please help me out to get the error string from hypermesh ? Best Regards, Dhairya
  7. Hi All, I am trying to capture error MESSAGE in hypermesh using TCL. I have one model in which property is not referenced. But still its not showing using preview unused command. So when i isolate the same property it shows error. I want to catch the error in hypermesh menu bar in a string variable Can anyone please help me ? Best Regards, Dhairyasheel Desai
  8. Hi All, I am unable to use this command "*reviewmaterialorientation_option" Can anyone help ? TIA. Best Regards, Dhairyasheel
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