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  1. Well I found some problems with geometry, thank you Q.Nguyen-Dai very much. I fixed it but as I undestood I must to do all preporation in Hyper and use Abaqus only for calculation, becouse I can`t create Asambley in Abaqus. Or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Hello riecently I start to work in your programm HyperMesh, I enjoy it very mush, so many posobilities! "Ngn vet inte vad han skall fästa blicken på", as we say. And becouse I am in the 3d printing theme. (Frankly, for me it is almost art! ) I really want to use your program for meshing some breathtaking geometries for my customers. They need some speciefic requirements in the main strength characteristics. Ussually I used Abaqus for this properties but for complex geometry it could be sometimes very tricky and I was recomended to use your program. Could you tell me how to mesh complex stl model in Hypermesh, please? As I uderstood, reading your forum, first of all I need to do open stl: File > Import > File type > STL; then I need to create a geometry from mesh: Geom > surfaces from FE (elems - all; feature edges; complexity 10) [sometimes Hyper writes that he failed to create some surfaces, wich is oddly]; And then I can`t create solid, Hyper writes created 0 solid elements and 0 nodes
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