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  1. Please, how can I check that and clean it before running the analysis?
  2. How did you find that seat is repeated? what option can i use?
  3. Hi Rahul, Any news from the test of the file? Thank you again
  4. Hi Rahul, were you able to test the file? Thank you again
  5. Thank you, here's the file .fem TEST_PEDAL.fem
  6. Thank your for the file. that's what i understood but i don't get why when it's on "all" it doesn't work at your end does it work when the export option is all? thank you for your help
  7. Hi, The file you attached is working fine. Actually i tried to run the analysis with the export option displayed and it's working but if i do "all" i have the error above What's the difference between the options? thank you
  8. Hello, Thank you for your reply. I'm using the Hypermesh 2017.2 Here's the .out file Thank you TEST_PEDAL.out
  9. Hi Rahul R, Please did you have time to check the last file? i really can't find the problem Thank you
  10. Hi, I assigned the property to BARRE_PEDALE_3D however it didn't go through I also checked the node dependency, and i corrected the one i got. now there is 0 i'm new to hypermesh. the way i check the node/dependency is by going to Mesh->check->node->dependency i selected all the element. here's the file modified https://drive.google.com/open?id=1URK67J4H7ABRkX8Kvlcx2ehhQw83OYmr thank you
  11. Hi, thank you for your reply. You can find the file in this link case it exceeded the max size. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cl7QCgYuIQLSbQ-ootwTJk3JW4MYwaqS I really don't get why. can't wait for your help
  12. Hello, I have this error while trying to solve a modal analysis. I checked that the material and property were correctly assigned then i tried by deleting all the tria3 element but i still get the error can someone please help me or guide me to a solution? Thank you in advance
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