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  1. Hi! I can not use the F28x ePWM module with the microcontroller F280049M This is a basic module! With the F2808 and other uC it works well This is the only uC model that is having conflicts with this module I am getting this error: C:\Altair\Embed2019\cg>lnk2000 --display_error_number --diag_suppress=16008 -c -x -q -mPWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.map PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.obj -l lib\SFO_TI_Build_V6b_fpu.lib -l lib\vsrtos_F280x_fpusr.lib -heap 1024 -stack 512 -o PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.out lib\F280049flnk.cmd undefined first referenced symbol in file --------- ---------------- _RamfuncsLoadSize PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.obj _RamfuncsLoadStart PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.obj _RamfuncsRunStart PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.obj error #10234-D: unresolved symbols remain error #10010: errors encountered during linking; "PWM_with_Phase_Shiftv2.out" Thanks for your help!
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