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  1. Hi, all. I have a meshed model using APDL from ANSYS. I want to deal with the mesh quality using Hypermesh, so I should import the mesh model from APDL into Hypermesh. What I want to know is below: 1. Which kind of file type? (STEP? IGES?) 2. Is there any references for doing import? Thanks for reading!
  2. The displacement function as (u=a1+a2*x+a3*y+a4*x^2+a5*xy+a6*y^2). from pascal triangle.
  3. Hi, all. I have a question. There are some mesh type like trias as CST, quad as Q4. I want to generate the LST elements and I found the tap named "First order ↔Second order". Deos the second order button mean the LST for trais? Thank you!!
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