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  1. Hi, I am trying to launch an optimization on Inspire but I am always getting this error about unrealized contact: # -------------------- Progress Tracker -------------------- hwfdmfeprocessor process id = 15200 # Opening Model # Model opened successfully Client = Inspire 18.3 10526 Name = ADCS_V9_Config5_Tests7_2 Maximiser la raideur Masse 25% Fmin 100 Hz (9) ModelName = Model stmodOffsetId = 2 # RunType: OPTIRUN_ANALYSIS = 1, OPTIRUN_TOPOLOGY = 2, OPTIRUN_TOPOGRAPHY = 4, OPTIRUN_SHAPE = 8, OPTIRUN_GAUGE = 16, OSSMOOTH_REANALYSIS = 128 RunType = 2 # Using CAE_HOME='C:/Program Files/Altair/2018/sTInspire2018.3/hwx/bin/win64/' # Time 17:17:59 RUN_STATE = 1 ## Run started # Time elapsed - '6' Seconds <==> Total time taken - '6' Seconds RUN_STATE = 3 ## Generating fresh mesh/Using old mesh #--------Generating fresh Mesh RUN_STATE = 7 ## Meshing completed successfully # Time elapsed - '1511' Seconds <==> Total time taken - '1517' Seconds RUN_STATE = 15 ## Realizing model #--------Unable to realize contact (Contact 50) as UdbSet for Primary features can not be created #--------Unable to realize RUN_STATE = 527 ## Synthesis run completed successfully # Time elapsed - '68' Seconds <==> Total time taken - '1585' Seconds # Error - Unable to ralize synthesis data RUN_STATE = 1551 ## Done # Time elapsed - '1' Seconds <==> Total time taken - '1586' Seconds # --------------------- END ----------------------- Could anyone explain me what the problem might be ? Because in my model the contacts seem ok (those are default contacts obtained after using boolean substractions of non-design spaces on a design space volume to avoid intersecting parts) Thank you in advance,
  2. Bonjour Matthieu, I only see this one : And also the % of calculation does not reach 100% but stopped before and I have to click again on the "simulation history" to see that the optimization crashed ...
  3. Hi, Since this morning I try to run optimization but I always get the same results: an optimization error (even for a simple model such as below where the load case seems correct to me ...). Do you know where this may come from ? (I have succeeded other optimizations the previous days using the same computer & software configuration, for information)
  4. Thank you for the answer, I understand. And in case it is not possible to define a washer because the load would not be applied trough non-design space holes but through a whole surface, do you know if is there is also any tips ?
  5. First, thank you for your answers. I have modified my model and now I have some optimization troubles: 1/ I would like to perform a topological optimization and apply a load directly on a design-space surface to optimize, so that for instance a force will be split between the remaining elements at each iteration. But are the results meaningful? (I mean, that when I try to do it, I always have a warning message to explain me that some loads are connected to design-spaces and thus that they might be ignored.) 2/ In this case, is it possible to know if some loads have been ignored during the optimization? 3/ Does it works better if I use for instance a concentrated mass and rigid connections to the whole design-space to apply the load? 4/ Otherwise, is it possible to perform this on Inspire or is it necessary to apply loads through non-design spaces only? 5/ I have run another optimization but I get this error from the result files: Do you know what might be wrong in my model? Because all my contacts seem correct and bonded to the design space and I was able to perform an analysis of the model but not to optimize it.
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