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  1. Hi mr. Rahul, I can't download your file, it is not found. Please re-attach this file. Thank you very much !!
  2. Hello Juan Iradier, Have you solved your problems? I also facing with this problem too. Please help me . Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm not sure that you can import data from SolidWorks directly. But you can export to *.stp to import into HyperMesh.
  4. Dear, Can anyone tell me how to get percentage of addmass per each part in radioss ? I run a big model include some elements that have low value of time step. So i use mass scaling, but i don't know how to get the percentage of addmass per each part when i done with running. Please help me. Many thanks !!
  5. Dear Chris, I will try it and response soon. Many thanks for you !
  6. Dear Mr.Prashanth Ar, You have a topic that share the radioss full car model as the below picture, but now i can't download it. it said file not found. Can you share it again for me and everyone. Many thanks for you !!
  7. Dear Chris, Many thank for you. But how can i modeling the behavior of drum road ? I want to see it at graphic, it rotate with cleat mouting on surface . all component operate sequentially together. Many thanks
  8. Dear Chris and Raghavendra, Many thank for the document from Chris and an example from Raghavendra, it's very useful. And i have read about drum road from the MF_SWIFT file that included in the default installation, but it's not too detail to understand clearly. I also have some questions, please help me : 1. Can we using 2 cleats in each drum road. (Because in my case, each drum have 2 cleats). 2. In drum_road.rdf, the minimum value of drum_radius is 1000 mm , isn't it ? How can i define the drum that have a lower value of radius ? 3. In drum_road.rdf have a sub-block (XZ_DATA) that consist of two columns to define the dimentions and shape of the obstacle, so what is the system coordinate of these parameters. (Global system or obstacle's symetrical system ) . 4. Could you explain for me about DRUM_X_COORD_DRUM_CENTER and DRUM_Y_COORD_DRUM_CENTER. Follow the doccument from default installation, it's x and y-coordinate of drum center in global coordinate. But in my case have two wheels, i set 2 drum roads, both i set the two parameters above equal 0 (it's not global coordinate) and my case run without problem. Is it some conflict with default installation documents ? 5. I use road tools to create graphic for drum road, but it has an error : FILE DATA IS NOT VALID. How can i handle this error ? If we can't create graphic for drum road, so is it have any method to see the behavior of drum road ? I hope that you will help me as soon as possible. Many many thank for you !
  9. Dear, have you solved this problem ? please share me the way to fix it. I am working on Drum road and now i can't define road graphic. many thank for you !!
  10. Dear, I try to model the Roller bench test system for motorcycle. The same with the picture below : The roller is rotate with speed 100RPM. Could anyone help me find the way to model the interactive between tyre and road(roller ). I want to use MF-tyre but i dont know how to do it. Many thanks !
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