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  1. Hi, MSC Software company offers MSC e-Learning subscription for students. The cost of subscription is US $ 99 and it includes learning material, tutorials, and workshop files for all products of MSC Software. For example, there are 4 courses available for MSC.Patran alone. Similarly, courses are available for MSC.NASTRAN, Marc etc. Does HyperWorks offer similar subscription for students and universities? If yes, kindly share the details or direct me to the relevant website. Regards, Shahzaib Ilyas
  2. Hello! I have created a 3D mesh in hypermesh with 2nd order (Quad 20) elements type and export this mesh geometry in .bdf format. When I try to import this 3D mesh into MSC Patran, it only import nodes but not the elements. Is there any solution regarding this problem? Regards Shahzaib Ilyas
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