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  1. P.S. I fix the problem with Excel... proceed with the advice you give me about the format!!
  2. Hi mate, here it comes the Coord_Press_Wing file as output from the HyperView query command. I'm trying to separate the column in four in order to resave the file as CSV. Excel give me still some problem with this operation (in the preview window the separation is ok, but then the software puts the dot in the wrong way along the line) but I think this could be the best way to proceed. Give me feedback if you can Thanks a lot! _oord_Press.Wing
  3. Hi Q.Nguyen-Dai, thanks for reply! I tried also this method but something doesn't work still. Early I try to attach the result of the CFD in the original mesh (the one I used to perform the CFD) but it doesn't even work! So, I'm thinking that the mistake could be in the format of the "result" csv file that I exported from AcuSolve. Some suggest about this? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm setting up a static analysis on a nose F1 car. I had to make a CFD on Acusolve and the only type of mesh admitted by the solver is trias (2D), first order. I found also the way to export the .csv file of the pressures but now I'm wondering if I could import the pressures and attach them to a model who have the same coordinates of the one I solved by CFD but a different type of mesh (QUAD 2D). I tried with "Field" following the instruction on the hypermesh manual. Something went out but I check an the value of pressures are incorrect. I would like to know if this procedure could work even if the two type of mesh are not equal (and so the number of nodes and their coordinates). Hope to has been clearer as possible, a big thank you to all who will help me.
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