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  1. I have created the model using user/custom library with its wizard file. How to resolve this?
  2. I have loaded MBD Vehicle Dynamics Tools but still no "Ad events " option is there. In the attached image vehicle tools option is there in menu which means MBD vehicle dynamics tools is loaded but no "Add events " is there.
  3. I see Vehicle tools menu option but the icon beside the text "Altair Driver" in the project browser is still like the generic System/Event icon, not like a helmet.
  4. When I get this problem ,I dont get any "Add Events" option on right click on Model.So How to add Analysis like constant radius ,single lane change? Does Student version of Hyperworks has license for Altair driver?
  5. I am doing constant radius analysis but getting this error. How to resolve this ? I am using Hyperworks 17.0
  6. Add event option is not appearing in model. So what to do now?
  7. Sometimes "Add events " option in Model disappear how to resolve it.
  8. Thanks Chris Yes , I have imported all systems from BAJA SAE folder in vehicle library. Can you please tell me how to do constant radius analysis stepwise in Altair Motion View? I am using Altair Hyperworks 17.0.
  9. I am unable to find constant radius analysis, 4 post analysis in Altair motion view. Can anyone tell hoe to import these analysis in altair motion view?
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