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  1. thanks for noting I deleted the 2D meshing and redefined the material. and everything worked fine ( at lest I think so :D) thnaks a lot for your time
  2. so I set my properties on PSOLID and whole my model checker is green but the error is there I`ll provide you with some snap shot of my properties and material windows
  3. many thanks, my only unsuccessful one was shell thickness is undefined , my geometry is solid Iron, the question is should I use Shell in the first place? and if it is how should I defined this??
  4. hi guys I`m trying to do some university project here, so I designed a geometry in Catia imported in hyperwork using standard meshing (2D with trias and then Tetra 3D) and applying one force and two constrain(in same load collector) run it for static linear analysis with Pshel properties but i get this "error Incorrect data in field # 3" Can anyone help me please?
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