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  1. Hello robertavarela and L Moretti, thank you very much both. Will try the suggestions in the upcoming week. Regards, Rok
  2. @robertavarela thank you for your reply. I was looking for something language wise rather than block diagrams due to ease of use. I know that Altair Flux can be run using python commands or using Matlab. So I am looking for a list of available commands (if it exists). Thanks. Best regards, Rok Hodnik
  3. Hello! I'm working on a project where I would need to couple Altair Compose with Flux. I would like to set up parameters and feed them in Flux and import results back in to Compose for post processing. Where can I access the commands library with definitions for such coupling of Compose and Flux? Thanks. Best regards, Rok Hodnik
  4. Hello! I have a problem understanding the ''brush segment'' component in Flux circuit editor. Using help I find some graphs but the image is very low quality. Therefore the marked notations cannot be read. Can anyone help me to acquire the notations? Thanks. Best regards, Rok Hodnik
  5. 12 Warning: Execute errors (stderr) logged to file ( D:\forhyperstudy1\approaches\setup_1-def\run__00001\m_1\task__exe_stderr.txt ). 13 Error : Execute task failed For more information see ( D:\forhyperstudy1\approaches\setup_1-def\run__00001\m_1\task__exe_err.txt ) https://www.dropbox.com/s/qirve0h8aj5f4xq/forhyperstudy1.zip?dl=0&file_subpath=%2Fforhyperstudy1
  6. Already have hotfix hwDesktop2019.1.1_hotfix_win64
  7. AltairFluxMotor 2019.0.2 with hotfix_win64 HyperStudy 2019
  8. Hi @Rahul R, @Abdessamed ! I followed the video tutorial on FluxMotor-HyperStudy coupling. At the step of running definition I get the error attached below. Regards, Rok task__exe_stderr.txt task__exe_stdout.txt task__exe_err.txt
  9. @Alessio Librandi thx! Bearing pressure is exactly what I needed!
  10. Hello! I would like to apply forces in the inside of an toroid body. I find command to apply constant amplitude forces. But I would like to apply forces that have amplitude depending on the angle and their dependence is sinusoidal. For better understanding I am attaching the figure below. Thanks for your help.
  11. @Rahul Ponginan thank you. So if I understand correctly when observing acceleration of a point of a structure it is in unit mm/s2?
  12. + how to export plot data to .csv format? solved
  13. Hello! I am post processing results in HyperView from SimLab. I used the build plots feature to draw a plot of frequency dependancy of node acceleration on model. I get the below graph. What is the output measurment unit? Is it m/s2 or something else? Thank you, Rok Hodnik
  14. Hello! One quick question. When inputing units into materials manager in Simlab I often have problem with knowing in what units to input the property data. For example is the unit for Density kg/m^3 or g/mm^3 or kg/dm^3 or kg/mm^3? In tutorials people are usualy inputing data in XX units for example for steel 7.8e-9 units. Steel has: 7650 kg/m^3 0.00765 g/mm^3 7.65 kg/dm^3 7.65 e-6 kg/mm^3 So what is the input unit?? I think it is kg/mm^3 but then tutorials input false data. Specific density SI unit is kg/m^3. Below is example from tutorial.
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