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  1. @Rahul R still not able to get any info how to generate fluid mesh and place microphone at node locations.
  2. @Rahul Ponginan @Hyperman @Pranav Hari @Abdessamed can anyone of you help me with above mentioned challenge? Best regards, Rok Hodnik
  3. @Rahul R is there any chance to get a tutorial of acoustic noise setup in SimLab (placement of microphones and fluid mesh generation) and then acquiring the results in frequency domain? I would like to gain results as shown on the image below. Or if an tutorial does not exist could you share with me finished SimLab and HyperView project? Best regards, Rok Hodnik
  4. @Rahul R thanks for the link. I still need some help on extracting data of ERP and acoustic noise. Thank you!Best regards,Rok Hodnik
  5. This tutorial of analysis using HyperMesh is useless. It only shows steps to the point of forces export from Flux. With additional tutorial ''HowTo_OptiStruct_Flux'' you can progress to the point of displacement, stress and load output. Is there any posibility to get a tutorial on how to proceed from this point? All of the tutorials seem to be dealing only with the problem to the point marked with red.
  6. Hi! I am a beginner in the Altair package. I am working on topic of vibro-acoustic analysis of e-motor. Currently I am dealing with basics and struggling to extract acoustic noise from HyperMesh-Optistruct analysis. I followed a tutorial on how to export electromagnetic forces from Flux to HyperMesh and then perform freq. response analysis. I manage to extract data about displacement and stress and view the results in HyperView. But I am not able to find any tutorials on topic of vibro-acoustic analysis of e-motor. Can anyone reference me a good tutorial to follow to achieve this analysis? In further work I would like to close this analysis in an optimisation loop to optimise the noise level with preservation of other electro-magnetic performances. Thank you! Best regards, Rok Hodnik
  7. Hello! I am trying to run an analysis of a solid model based on steps described in ''HowTo_OptiStruct_Flux'' tutorial included in the tutorial install directory. I want to make an vibro-acoustic analysis of an electric motor based on imported forces from Altair Flux. Currently dealing with basics and I want to make analysis on a simple motor from Flux Overlay import. I have assigned mesh, load steps, materials and constraints as in the tutorial, but I got quite a few errors. Some of them I have already managed to solve thx to this forum. Now I ran into a problem below, that I cannot find a solution online or cannot solve it myself. Full error text in attached file. *** ERROR # 2784 *** Solver failed in the eigen solution of reduced order model, due to the ill-conditioning of the FEA model. Please check if there is any message about mechanisms printed above, make proper fix and rerun with it. Some other possible causes and solutions: 1. Solver may fail due to extreme large upper bound in EIGRL/A card. Reduce the upper bound. 2. Solver may fail due to nearly rigid body modes: Set PARAM,RBMEIG to be higher than the eigenvalue of the highest rigid body modes. Thanks for your help. Best regards, Rok ERROR # 2784.txt
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