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  1. Sir, I have a model of three different material and thickness components bonded each other as shown in below image. I used two different connection method. Method 1- 2D element of three mid surface elements connected with bonded contact. Method 2- 2D element of three overlapped elements ( two duplicate of middle component elements) connected by node equivalence and element offset used to maintain cross section thickness. After solution, result of both method are different. Please suggest witch method will give correct result.
  2. Sir, How to simulate rolling and pitching effect. Rolling 10 degree for 5 sec and pitch 30 degree for 10 sec.
  3. Sir, any option available for to find bolt loosening effect due to less pretension force during random vibration analysis in optistruct.
  4. Sir, 1) Mfluid not available in global_case_control card. (Under Optistruct user profile). 2) How to increase allowable number of elements in VMOPT, 1. (Fatal error #5255)
  5. Hi, I want to solve bolt pretension as a subcase 1 and normal mode shape with bolt pretension as a subcase 2. Please refer attached file.fem Following error message getting from optistruct (Mfluid). 1) Error # 2310 - Mfluid card must be used above the first subcase. 2) Fatal error # 5255 - the number of wetted element for virtual mass exceeds the current maximum allowed with VMOPT, 1. (This error got after removal of bolt pretension subcase.) Under_Water_Tank.fem
  6. I'm also getting same error message.
  7. Hi, Thank you for your reply. Yes you are right, but can you explain why and what will happen if i set RBE3 weight factor of dependent node ' 0 ' and independent node ' 1 '.
  8. Why rbe3 element dependent node having a ' 0 ' weight factor and independent nodes are ' 1 ' weight factor.
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