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  1. Dear Altair, I have been a passionate license owner of the Evolve software for a few years now. I utilize Evolve in my professional engineering work mainly in the areas of product design and surface modeling. There is no doubt Evolve delivers some invaluable features which makes designer's life a lot easier and makes certain processes much more efficient. While recognizing Evolve as a strong asset of my business, unfortunately I need to point out that all Evolve users are being neglected by Altair for the past 1.5 year now. Let me ask this question... Did you decide to cut off the development of EVOLVE (STUDIO) without letting customers know about it? As of right now, we are heading for 2 years without any major version update? The most frustrating fact is that Altair (SolidThinking) resellers are contacting Evolve users asking to renew their maintenance license... this is my second year while I am about to pay for my Evolve license and while gaining nothing new from the software. I would appreciate if you can share the roadmap of the EVOLVE (STUDIO) software and its delivery timeline with ALL Evolve software users? Thank you, Greg
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