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  1. I help menu I couldn't find anything other than Theory of Sommerfeld boundary condition. Could anyone please look into the matter? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have defined Sommerfeld boundary condition by using CAABSF elements and assigning PAABSF property. Still, the Simulation results don't match with the Theory. Could anyone please share the model, so I can compare the Cards and Inputs required for that. Thanks in advance. It is a bit urgent. Vikrant Tailor
  3. Hi, This problem has been solved. Problem: 2 Modal simulations were defined. Normal modes and Frequecy Response. So I deleted one EIGRL card. and then it worked. Thanks for the support.
  4. Hi, May I ask, How does it look? What are the possible changes i can make? Thanks.
  5. Sure, Rahul. Please find attached .out and .fem files. 190609_IFEM_BIOT.fem190609_IFEM_BIOT.out
  6. Thanks for the material. Now I have succesfully created BIOT propeties. I am trying to implement BIOT material layer in fluid-structure coupling (Infinite element method). But I am getting an error ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *** ERROR # 2986 *** Multiple modal space with BIOT material is not allowed. This error occurs in module "prpdrv". ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I couldn't find any solution regarding this error.
  7. Thanks Rahul for the material. I will have quick look in it.
  8. Hello, I am working on one NVH Project. There I have fluid-stucture coupling. Now I have introduced a porous media to check the absorbing effect. Unfotunately, I couldn't find any tutorial for this application. Could anyone here, please share me the method to Setup this FE-Model. I have a Problem modelling solid-foam-fluid alltogether. Thanks in advance.
  9. It is working now. Problem was modelling. Thanks for you time.
  10. In Hyperworks Manual, it is not clearly mention, if one should have coincident meshing or not. That is where I am stuck. I just need clarification. because it is difficult to have coincident meshing in this model. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I am very curious to see, what is the actual problem. Hope to get any message tomorrow. again thanks.
  12. Hello everyone, currently I am working with Infinite elements. I modelled infinite elements according to the manual provided by Hyperworks. I have been trying since Long to get results on PLOTEL. I don't have results on PLOTEL, I don't know why. Could anyone please help me out? Model is attached for reference. Infinite_elements.fem Thanks in advance. Vikrant Tailor.
  13. Hi, I am trying to simulate the Sound pressure using acoustic infinite elements. I have doubt that, is it mendatory to have source as "Shell elements" ? I have solid elements in model, which is surrounded by Fluid elements. and I also have layer of Infinite element on it. Could anyone please confirm it? Thanks in advance. Vikrant Tailor
  14. Thanks Rahul for drawing my attention to this cause. I tried with Version 2018 and it's working successfully. Thanks again. Vikrant Tailor
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