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  1. Initially the linear analysis and FRF were without contact**
  2. Thank you, I understand. The problem is that we have initially a task to do a linear analysis and a FRF of that cart. After a review they told us to use that card (FASTCONT) for penetrations problems so as to make a more accurate analysis. Then for the linear there were no problems, for the modal, as we have said, we use type=SLIDE. The last thing we have left to do is the FRF. So like you said then we have to delete the surface contact and disable the FASTCONT card and make a FRS with a linear model without contact ? Is it correct in this way?
  3. I'm sorry to bother you again ... I've downloaded the book but I can't find what I'm searching for. I'll try to reformulate the question: I've done a modal analysis with the card FASTCON in order to linearize the contacts, with property type SLIDE as you suggested and the result was good. Now I'm doing an indirect frequency response analysis: for the contacts I'm turned to used, in property type, SLIDE. Is it correct in this case? Thanks in Advance
  4. I have to do a frequency response analysis of this:
  5. Thanks a lot .... Another question: if I have to do a frequency response analysis i'll you the same setting used for the modal analysis?
  6. I'm sorry but I'm not really knowledgeable with the program... Can you please explain me the reason why it's logical? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello everybody, I do a 'normal mode' analysis in a model without contact and I get 8 rigid displacements. Then I create the contact surface (with type Freeze) and I active the FASTCON card. So I do again the normal mode analysis but I obtain only 7 rigid displacements. Someone can help me? Thank so much for the help
  8. Hello, I have a model with linearization contact with a card 'FASTCONT' with type contact 'stick'. I also have to do a normal mode analysis. Is it possible to do with this settings ? I try to do in this way but i get only 7 rigid displacement but i 'need' 8 because i have a cart with two wheels pivoting. Can someone help me ? thanks
  9. Hey, I accidentally delated a .hm file definitely from the trash. Whit 'recuva' software I get back the file but when I go to open it, it gives me the error "The file specified is not a hypermesh database". What should I do? Thank you very much
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