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  1. Hi Tinh, I found a similar functions in hypermesh: ::hwat::math::VectorCrossProduct {vector1} {vector2} ::hwat::math::VectorNormalize {valuelist} normvalue It solved now. Thanks very much! Felipe
  2. Hi Tinh, I really appreciated your code, but unfortunately HM could not found the ::math::linearalgebra package. It is possible be installed our use an similar hypermesh library? Thanks, Felipe
  3. Hi, How can I determine the node coordinates aligned from two nodes without need to use a temporary node technique. A function type: Input1: two nodes N1 and N2 ( For Vector Definition) Input2: Node N3 ( To be projected perpendicularly to N1 and N2 vector ) output: Aligned N3 (New Coordinate ==> X,Y and Z ) Thanks in Advance, Felipe
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