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  1. Hello, for my Thesis i use Screenshots of my models in HyperMesh. I create the Screenshots by Pressing CTRL + F1/F2. Then I Import them as deafult data type (.bmp), Import them in PowerPoint (adding description), copy the edited screenshot with text from PowerPoint to Word, convert to .pdf and print it. I made sure to disable compressing Pictures in PowerPoint and Word. But my Screenshots still have the blue fog/cloud around the coordinate System and geometries. How do i make clean screenshots in better Quality?
  2. I checked the influence of the thickness and noticed that if the thickness is too low the Connection is too weak. I used a clamped 2D Surface as reference. If the Skin element thickness was too low the displacement was too high. I noticed that the Skin Elements need double thickness of the bending 2D Surface to result in the same Deformation like the clamped 2D Surface. To not influence the System mass I gave the Skin Elements the same material but with a very low Density close to 0.
  3. Problem solved. I used 2D "Ghost" Elements on the 3D Elements (2D - Edit Element - Create) around the border line in a separate component (with the same material but Density around 0 (0 density -> "Ghost") to not influence the mass, and double Shell thickness (too thin results in too low stiffness)).
  4. Hello, I am using HyperMesh and OptiStruct as Solver. I want to connect two 3D meshed blocks with a 2D meshed 2mm thin Surface. The Connection is stiff like it is one part or a Welding Connection. So no DOF is allowed at the border of the 2D and 3D elements. But my test model behaves like a hinge Connection and rotates freely without any deformation. I already tried to model the Connection with and without an attached Surface. In the end I Always checked the Connection area via Tools - Edges - Preview Equiv - Equivalence and made sure the nodes of the Elements are on Point. How do i model those geometrical 2D/3D Mesh Transition Areas to get Deformation results? Model File and Picture is attached. Thanks in Advance. 2D_to_3D_Test.hm
  5. Hello, Currently I am working on a structural analysis. I already meshed the model, finished the Model Checks and some Analysis (Modal, Quasi-Static and Frequency Response). But now I am stuck on the next analysis types. I need to set up a : Shock Test Amplitude: 50 g Type of Excitation: Half Sinus Pulse Duration: 10 ms Nr. of Shocks: 1 (in all + - directions) Sinus Vibration Amplitude: 4.5 g Type of Excitation: Sinus Frequency: 0 - 100 Hz I would like to know what Load Collectors, Analysis Type (Load Step) and Control Cards I Need to start the simulations. I appreciate every advise
  6. Hello, I have a problem regarding a clearance fit. I already checked the eBook "Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation" but could not find anything helpful. My thesis is about a structural analysis of a CubeSat satellite inside of a Deployer Case. So I have the model of the satellite and the case. In space the Deployer Case will open up and a spring inside kicks out the satellite. Former attempts to model the connection between both models failed because analysis results have been unrealistic. I used RBE2 elements (all 6 dofs constrained) on both contact surfaces and connected them with a rigid CBUSH element. I just realised how wrong that is. My new idea for a realistic clearance fit is to keep the RBE2 elements (6 dof constrained) at the case, replace the RBE2 elements on the satellite by RBE3 elements (only 1 dof constrained in normal direction) and connect them with a rigid (CBUSH). Is my new idea also false? Do you have any idea how to model a clearance fit between satellite and case according to the pictures attached?
  7. I think in analysis options you can add "-core in" to force HyperMesh to allocate more Ram for the analysis
  8. Hello, When I wanted to edit my Global Output Request - Card in the model tree I couldn't chose any SID for my acceleration output (empty list). But when I edited that Card via Setup -> Create -> Control Cards I could chose from all of my existing Sets. Why is that?
  9. @Q.Nguyen-Dai I dont have AUTOSPC in the PARAM Set-Card enabled. Also I only have one Boundary Condition (with 6 fixed dof) on a RBE3 element. So I am still having the problem.
  10. Hello, In the outputfiles of my analyses something comes across I dont understand (first two attached pictures). My supervisor recommmended to find out about that. I assume that the Grid No. is the GRID and i read that the GRID is also the Node ID. So when I check the Node ID I can't find any constraints (third picture attached). Is this report message important? What is the solution if it is problematic?
  11. Hello, I am new to HyperMesh2017.2 and use it for academic purposes. Sometimes by accident i downsize the Software window and on the Right side a Little bit is cut off. So now is the time when i cant see the Radio Buttons for geom, 1D, 2D, 3D. Even the green Buttons for create, mesh or update are completely cut off. At this Moment I am not able to continue working on my Project. I also tried extending the user interface across 2 Desktop screens but the Buttons are still cut off. Thank you for any advices.
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