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  1. That is what I use to edit surface elements (.stl or .hm) file. After editing the mesh I am not able to apply "tetra-mesh" to fill the volume on the re-meshed file. I made sure the volume the is still closed. However, when I use "tetra-mesh" it just shows segmentation error. I have attached the re-meshed file, that I got following the step that you mentioned. Prayers and Regards, Arshdeep Mart_export.hm
  2. What is the workflow for meshing .stl?? Other than .stl I have also tried importing .hmascii or .hm format to Hypermesh and meshing. The problem is that I am able to apply "tetra-mesh" on my imported file. But since the file that I am importing has a lot of triangles, it generates a lot of solid elements on tetra-meshing. However, after I remesh it (imported file) in hypermesh to reduce the number of triangles, I am not able to apply "tetramesh" on it again. Prayers and Regards, Arshdeep
  3. Hello, I am trying to generate solid mesh from .stl file. After Importing .stl file into hypermesh I coarsened it using automesh. Now when I am trying to apply tetra-mesh to the coarsened file, it is showing me "segmentation error". I have tried deleting the setting files. Is there any other way of filling volume in hypermesh ?? Also the .stl files that I am importing into hypermesh are very fine, Is there a way to coarsen the .stl in hypermesh ? I have attached the file I was trying to apply tetra-mesh on. Prayer and Regards, Arshdeep DP_CO_mart.stl
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