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  1. HI Pritam, Thanks to your reply. Yes, the INVEL have already been applied to all the nodes, the value was 7500 mm/s. The ground was near the bottom of landing gear. After changing Tstop to 0.02 sec, the velocity also show the same trend. At time 1.5e-2 sec, the bottom panel show a significant deformation, but the whole structure still have a big velocity. The parameters of type 7 I used are shown below. both types I have used, but show the same trend. Could you help explaining that? Many thanks in advance. ANQI
  2. hello, hyperman, I can only upload the screenshot per second, since the gif format is also confidential.
  3. Hi all, I am working on 3 m landing gear drop test in radioss. The material is aluminum. I set it as M2. Partial model is listed blow. I cannot put the whole model due to confidential problem. I chose type 7 in self contact interface. I chose infinite plane as rigid wall, with a distance 10 mm from the bottom of landing gear. Then, I set initial velocity as -7500 mm/s along Z direction, calculate by v=(2gh)^(1/2). Now results confused me. In velocity, when the bottom of landing gear impact on ground, the velocity became slower, however, the top part did not stop, retaining 7500 mm/s velocity, even if the bottom part deformed. Results are listed blow. Is that right? Can anyone help me. Thanks in advance. Regards, ANQI
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