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  1. Hello, Does anybody know function for finding the closest point ID to another point (using tcl command)? Or probably to find the point ID using its coordinates? I find only command "hm_findclosestpointonsurface", but it gives only coordinates as an output when I need ID of this point. From Altair HyperWorks Help for scripts: Syntax hm_findclosestpointonsurface x y z surf_id Description For a given point on a surface, returns the closest other point on that same surface: xs ys zs dist Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello Q.Nguyen-Dai. Thank you! Yes I have already looked at this code, it is for opposite operation export ses; there are some tips here.
  3. Hello! I need to make a script which is creating sets from patran groups, reading .ses file. In last HyperWorks this function is realised with help of Set Browser. Does somebody know which command can do this in tcl script or how to find this in program folders/scripts? Thank you
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