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  1. Hi Duc You have to cut your file into different sections. Like Plate, Land, Profile for Inspire to run. Also, make sure you orient you part in the right direction. Polymer should be flow in the Z direction. Also avoid any wired name for your file. This should solve your problem.
  2. Hi I am using Inspire Extrude Polymer to run a PVC profile simulation and I am using coarse mesh. It took a long time to mesh the file and it seems to take forever to run these nonlinear iterations. It took 18 hours to run from the second iteration to the fifth iteration and there are 25 in total. Now it seems it will take days to finish. Can anyone help with this issue? Are there possible ways to increase the calculation speed? I am using a hp Z400 workstation with Win10. I have 20 GB RAM. The detailed system info is attached below. I also attached the file that I am running now. Thanks for anyone who can help with this. Extrusion_Die_Actual_Sixth.iep
  3. Hi, I renamed each part in my file with Plate, Land, and Profile. Now it can go to meshing stage but the software stuck at this stage with 'Starting 3D polymer mesh' message. Anyone knows what might cause this?
  4. Hi, I am using Inspire Extrude 2019.1 to run extrusion simulation. I created a die file in Solidworks, and have defined each parameter in Altair. When I run the simulation, it always stopped after 10 or 20 seconds with a error message showing 'no GRF file in the project folder' and 'EW-Batch failed' in the description after 'completing requirement' message. I have run the tutorial successfully so there is nothing wrong with the software. And I followed the same steps for my file. It seems that it fails when loading my file. Anyone knows what to do?? Please help. Thanks! D.iep
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