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  1. Hi, RoKet. It goes all right. I removed Visual Studio 2017 Express, then installed Visual Studio Build Tools 2017. So that: Finally, the simulation runs successfully! Thank you for your advice.
  2. I faced `FMIConnector:-CreateArchive`. Error: when simulating Activate model with Modelica blocks. What can I do for this? ---- detail ---- I ran "C:\Program Files\Altair\2019\ActivateBasic2019.1\tutorial_models\Extended_Book_Models\Chapter_11_Physical_modeling\motor.scm" , then I found error messages as below: with Windows10 64bit, Activate 2019.1. I found that, "tools>compile" command shows almost same messages like this: And, I created new Activate model includes modelica blocks and ran, then almost same Errors appeared. That's a matter around C++ compilers? I'm working with Visual Studio 2017 Express, and seems OK. Regards.
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