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  1. hey, can you please let me know how you got the id . Thanks in advance.
  2. hi saumya, Did you find a way to do it. I am facing a similar problem. Thanks and regards, Rahul.
  3. I am facing a similar issue. I have tried the above said but i am getting an error "invalid command name" when i try it with tcl script. But if i try the same command from command window i am able to invoke optistruct. Please help me. My script : "D:/Imp_Stuff/optistruct.bat" D:/Air_Filter/air_filter.fem or \\\\ALTAIR-NW\\Softwares\\Altair\\2017\\hwsolvers\\scripts\\optistruct.bat D:\\Air_Filter\Air_Filter.fem Note: i have edited the batch file so that the location is not referenced.
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