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  1. Hello experts, I am trying to import a parasolid file, to Acusolve. The parasolid file was generated after deleting the solid and enclosing the fluid volume in Hypermesh. But, while importing to acusolve... It is showing error as attached picture.. Kindly tell me, why it is showing error and how to get rid of it.
  2. And, while using Massflux BC at outlet, can I uncheck Simple B.C?
  3. Hello acupro, While giving mass flux, should I give -8.88kg/s at outlet? To correct the sign convection, should I do this?
  4. Hello acupro, I performed the simulation according to your suggestion. At inlet I gave 8.88 kg/s and at both the outlet I gave 16kp of pressure. After solving.. My Pressure at outlet is also changing. Which itself is a BC. May I know, what is this mean?
  5. Ok, The pressure value in Outlet will be a stagnation pressure or Normal.. As Acusolve gives 2 options for pressure BC. I am bit confused. Can you explain a bit about these 2 different types and in which applications we should use them?!
  6. So, For my problem, Which set of BC will be best from the given known values? -Flow rate from each 3 side and Pressure at 2 Outlets. **Objective is to determine, pressure loss through the Manifold.
  7. Ok, Thanks for the info. 1. So, If this is to be true, is My way of giving BC wrong? and If wrong, How to correct it. 2. Can we give mass flow rate at both inlet and outlet as Bc? 3. Similarly Can we give Pressure as Inlet and outlet Bc?
  8. Hello Experts, I am simulating fluidflow through 2 outlet one inlet manifold. My inlet BC is 8.88 Kg/s with Bc type Inflow and other two as outflow. After running simulation, I plotted graph of mass flux at inlet using acu probe, surface output. Surprisingly, It was showing -8.88 Kg/s throughout the time. But the outlet mass flow rate was 4.44 kg/s. Which is expected. My Q, Why is the sign convection is negative at inlet. From my understanding It should be Positive , ad I have given it as inflow with 8.88 Kg/s. Kindly, give me your views. Thank you in advance.
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