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  1. hi all, can any one assist me how to change Hypermesh profile from Nastran to Hyperform (one step solution ) using TCL script thank you
  2. Hi , below hm command wont work in hyper view , can any one suggest alternative way such that the script can be used in HM or HV [hm_info -appinfo ALTAIR_HOME] thank you
  3. hi.. all, Auto tipping solution *createmark elements 1 all; set returnValue [hf_getautotippingangles elements 1 0]; set angle [ lindex $returnValue 0 ] thanks to Altair support
  4. hi all, below code was an example in the help document (script) *createmark elements 1 all set returnValue [hf_getautotippingangles 1 0] Error : requires 3 parameter ? please help me to resolve it, to get tipping angle thank you
  5. Hi everyone, I am trying to find a tcl command for the option "Autotip" in the OneStep simulation for a Script. Has anyone an idea what the command could be? thank you
  6. In my current script am able to create multiple hwtk::openfileentry (file browser), each time when i am browsing file ,it goes to some initial path, but i want it to remember its latest browsed directory
  7. thank you sandeep, let me try with metadata api, if you have any sample code if you can share it will be more helpful thank you!
  8. HI, by using tcl script i am trying to put a washer split at different location with certain offset value depending on the diameter of the hole . The edge id gets changed after i perform a washer split operation, hence i could not able to perform next washer split operation, due older edge id does not exist any more
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