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  1. I need to sync two PWM units 180 deg out of phase. How is this done? The system has a total of 12 PWM units. The current design needs to sync unit 1 and unit 4 180 deg out of phase. Is this done in the ePWM pull-down window? I am using an F280049 with the BETA 2019.1 software. I have the PWM units working with all synced at the same start. One other design requirement is to hold one PWM signal high and one low for 8.333ms. Then return to a high frequency PWM. This design is for a 60 Hz inverter.
  2. I figured it out myself. 1. Use the Rate Scaling dropdown to divide the system clock to a lower rate. I'm using the F28069; it starts at 90MHz. 2. Use Up/Down count mode to get an additional divide by 2. 3. Choose a Timer Period that gives 50Hz (14046 for F28069) The final PWM rate == sys clock/ rate scaling / period If Count Mode is Up/Down, there is an additional divide by 2 Note that the current frequency is displayed next ot the Timer Period entry
  3. I am using an F28069 board and trying to generate a 3-phase PWM for 3-phase inverter. To syncin pin of first PWM block, what should be connected?
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