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  1. Yes it is happening with all optimization runs. Here is my license file. altair_lic.dat
  2. It didn't work. Here is my file. Test_model.stmod
  3. I have exact the same problem and i already got the 2019.0.1 EDU version of Inspire. It seems to be a problem of Inspire 2019 in combination with a specific Hardware configiration. By the way, in version 2017.1 the same model runs perfectly. I am optimizing on the following computer: Windows 10 Professional version 1903 Intel Core i5 8600K @ 3,6GHz Zotac RTX2070 16 GB DDR4 RAM @ 2666 Hz everything is saved on a 500GB Samsung SSD 860 Evo
  4. I have got exact the same problem, would be nice if somebody could help on this topic. It seems to be a problem with the version number 2019. I also have got the older version (2017), it seems to work there.
  5. Hi everyone, I am using Inspire version 2019.0.1 and have the following problem: I have a loadcase setup with defined forces on my product and I want to set up a requirement for one edge of my product to have at least a displacement of for example 50mm in the topology optimized result. How do I do that? I have already tried to use the function 'enforced displacement' but then it says: 'Incompatible Loads: You cannot maximize stiffness with an enforced displacement and any other load. Please remove other loads from the enforced displacement load case.' In my case it would make no sense, because I want a topology optimization with a defined forced AND a defined displacement. Is it possible to do this in another way?
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