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  1. Is there any API to find the farthest nodes between 2 node groups like we have to find the shortest node(hm_measureshortestdistance)?
  2. I think i have not explained the problem correctly. In attached image, I would like to get only the elems cut by the cross section i.e only the red comp elements. I used the command provided, it is giving all the elems in the plane as highlighted in the image.
  3. This command will select all the entities cut by the specified plane normal. But I should be able to select elements only cut by the plane.
  4. In dyna, I have a finite *DATABASE_CROSS_SECTION_PLANE. It is cutting some elements in the model. I would like get the elements cut by the cross section. The cross section will have the following information. 1. Base node of cross section. 2. Plane vector 3. orientation vector 4. Size of the plane
  5. U need min max nodes co ordinates for creating box which u can get by the following API set min_max [hm_getboundingbox elems 1 0 0 0]
  6. I want to create a finite database_cross_section_plane in Script. When i tried manually, parameters like LENL, LENM and Edge is getting calculated automatically. I would like to know how the same can be done in script. In script, we have to feed those above mentioned parameter for the cross section to create correctly.
  7. I found the solution. Script is already available in HM itself to open the model checker and run the "Un-Tied nodes in Contact Tied" check.
  8. In Lsdyna profile, we can run "Untied node check" available under warning section in Model checker. I need to run this particular check in Script itself.
  9. How to run model checker in scripts to find untied nodes in a tied contact?
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