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  1. Dear Mr. Rajan, Thank you very much for your response. I will watch the video and update if something is not clear. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Doron.
  2. Dear Madam/Sir, I followed the tutorials to perform a composite optimisation of a monocoque. I believe that everything went fine until the discrete size optimisation, where I had to introduce manufacturing constraints. I did specify upper and lower bounds for each of the design variables, and then selected each ply and assigned 0.1 mm for carbon plies and 1.0 mm for core plies (TMANUF). After performing another optimisation, the results were that all of the carbon plies had thickness of 0.1 mm and all the core plies had thickness of 1.0 mm. This results in a much weaker structure than the one I started with. Since then, I am changing the thickness of each ply by myself, I started with increasing the thicknesses of the core plies, but I assume that something went wrong. Any help will be much appreciated. Kind regards.
  3. Dear Madam/Sir, I tried the run an analysis and it seems like the analysis is working fine, and I got reasonable results. When I switch from analysis to optimisation, for the final step, the shuffling step, I get an error: *** ERROR # 578 *** Composite shuffling optimization cannot be performed simultaneously with other optimization types. I did change the Output cards and I applied shuffling constraints, just like in the skateboard and monocoque tutorials. Can someone please help me with this 578 error? I cannot find any information about this. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Doron.
  4. Dear Madam/Sir, I am trying to optimise a composite architecture of a Formula Student monocoque. I started with 56 plies, which after the size optimisation became 224 plies. Now, that I am after the discrete optimisation, I imported the shufflingXX.fem file (for the last iteration) and the number of plies in the model was doubled. I import other solver decks, from different iterations, such as shuffling01.fem and now my model has 651 plies. The first set of plies have the original "strange" thicknesses of 0.0274022 mm for example, but when you press "show" on these plies you cannot see them. The other 2 sets of plies have thicknesses of 0.1 and 1.0 for the carbon and core respectively as it should, but I think that each set belongs to different iteration, and I am not sure how to continue now. How can I check which plies belong to each iteration and should I delete all the others plies manually? Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Doron.
  5. Dear Madam/Sir, I recently downloaded HyperWorks Desktop 2019 from connect.altair.com/downloads. The software is working, but when I am trying to run an analysis, I get an error message: "OptiStruct is not installed currently" (find attached). In Altair Connect downloads list, I couldn't find any OptiStruct installation. Computer: Dell Precision 3530. i7-8750H CPU @ 2.2GHz,. 16 GB RAM. Windows 64 Pro 64-bit. NVIDIA Quadro P600. Any help will be much appreciated. Kind regards, Doron.
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