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    I apply 10N force in ramp fashion from 0ms to 10ms and then keep it constant for both the cases. the only change I have is in the stiffness of the kjoint. Yes it is final state but not the equilibrium as there is unbalanced 10N force. Regards,
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    with a lower stiffness for kjoint property the forces are not coming correctly, but with higher stiffness the upper cube does not rotate much which does not make any sense when we have a spherical joint.Please help Regards,
  3. Hi, I want to create a joint between two rigid bodies. so I am using p45-kjoint2 for that. Lets say i have a spherical joint between two rigid cubes. But when i see the results I see different response for the different value of Kn assigned to the kjoint property. I have a 10N force on the slave node of upper cube which should come as it is on the master node of both the cubes. But it seems that the value of stiffness affects the results. If i have lower stiffness(Kn~1e4) the upper body rotates around spherical joint without transferrring any force and if i have higher stiffness(kn~1e12) the upper body rotates very less but transfers correct force on the bottom cube. So what stiffness do i choose to get the correct results?
  4. Hi, I tried to apply 20N of force on the slave node of one rigid body. This body is connected to another rigid body with a rigid joint (KJOINT45) just at the location of master node of 1st rigid body. The applied 20N force on slave node comes on the master node as 20N,but I want to transfer this force on the second rigid body as I have a rigid connection. But it seems that having a rigid joint between two slave nodes cannot do this and there is no way to define KJOINT between the master node and slave node of rigid body. Can anyone help me find out how to transfer the force on the second body using a joint connection between two.
  5. Ok, is there anyone who can help me plot the forces applied using userwindow. Regards,
  6. Hi, I found that there is no available option of FRAME for BCS load collector, eventhough it is available for imposed velocity and some other types of boundary conditions. regards,
  7. Hi, I tried to plot using /ANIM/VECT >FEXT the applied forces , but as I am using USERWINDOWS to apply the forces externally it is not plotting the forces in the vector plot. Is there any way to plot the forces applied using USERWINDOWS??? the forces applied using hypermesh window seems to get plotted and are visible. Regards
  8. Hi, Has anyone tried doing this? is it possible to transfer loads from one rigid body to another rigid body?
  9. hi pranav and rea2 is it possible to have only the rigid bodies in your simulation run in radioss? Won't it create a very high nodal time step due to the infinite stiffness of the rigid body? And if that is the case is there a way to overcome this?
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