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  1. Hi create a TABFAT load collector and mention the Yaxis (i.e) load data. For applying a Fatigue load 4 load collected are needed 1. TABFAT 2. FATLOAD 3. FATEVNT 4.FATSEQ once TABFAT is created call this load collector in FATLOAD, Simillary FATLOAD should be called in FATEVNT and FATEVNT should be called in FATSEQ. For better understanding Pls check the Help https://connect.altair.com/CP/SA/hwhelp/2019.1/os/topics/solvers/os/fatload_bulk_r.htm Regards Shrinaath
  2. Hi Karth You can check that using Tool<<Count<<BC Entities<<make sure the loads are selected<<Right click on loads select displayed. Make Sure that in model browser all the frequency dependent loads are displayed. Regards Shrinaath Viswanathan
  3. Hi @Rahul R Is there any update for this???
  4. Hi @Rahul R why this error is coming can please check it
  5. Hi @Rahul R PFA for both the case .fem file Results.rar
  6. Hi @Rahul R I am not able to extract the Magnitude of Transfer Function and input force in one step TPA as shown in image. please check the file. Can you share the One step TPA Result file and which result file format will support the One step TPA Transfer_Path_Analysis.rar
  7. Thanks @Rahul R This is fine at particular frequency we are getting the magnitude of Transfer Function, Input force and Point of mobility. But if we need a Transfer Function for all over frequency for each node with the each direction as we get in Two Step TPA. is that possible in One Step TPA ??
  8. Hi @Rahul R From the demo file i got the Response and Path contribution as mentioned in the tutorial. If i need the Input Force, Transfer Function and Point of Mobility means i need to request GPFORCE or SPCFORCE for the connection points right. If i request that GPFORCE means i getting an error *** ERROR # 2869 *** The grid 1130488 associated with component 1 does not have any reaction forces. It is likely that the element set (CONEL) or RIGID set (CONREL) specified in PFPATH does not contribute any reaction force to this degree of freedom. How to extract the Input force, transfer function and Point of Mobility results?? Regards Shrinaath
  9. is there any one to explain me???
  10. Hi i tired to solve a transient problem with the acceleration vs time as the input data from that i got a displacement vs time plot and the stress as the results. then i took the displacement vs time plot form the analysis results and made input for the another transient step up. from this displacement vs time input analysis i extracted the stress values. The stress values from the acceleration vs time input transient analysis and the stress values from the displacement vs time input analysis are different. Is this behavior is correct. Please explain me.
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