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  1. Hi everyone I am trying to mesh a stp file (attached). First of all, is it possible to mesh the surface with trias and then mesh the inner solid in 3D with tetra elements, or do you think the geometry does not enable this method ? Then, I have tried 2D tria mesh et 3D tetra mesh, with different size elements, but it seems that Hypermesh always gives the same meshing as in the initial stp... Finally, does anyone have an idea of how to clean up this geometry in an efficient way ?... does anyone work in the biomedical field here and has already faced the problem ? Thanks in advance for any help.. Cuneiforme_1_PP_D.stp
  2. Thanks for your suggestion, but how can I obtain a 3D mesh from a 2D mesh (made with the shrink wrap tool) ?
  3. Here are pictures of one these bones I am working on: The initial component: The same component once meshed in 2D (and cleaned up):
  4. Hi everyone, I am using the shrink wrap tool to mesh stl files representing foot bones. However when I directly use the 3D hexa mesh of this tool, the shape of the bone is not well respected. When I use the 2D mesh of the shrink wrap tool, the "envelop" of the bone is correct but I cannot find a way to 3D mesh from the 2D mesh (I don't manage to make the Solid Map effective). Could anyone help me transforming the 2D mesh into 3D mesh ? Thanks in advance !
  5. Hi everyone, I segmented MRI images to obtain the 3D geometry of a foot on Seg3D (free software, equivalent of MIMICS but far less powerful...). However I don't know how I can import this geometry on Hypermesh now... In Seg3D, I can export my geometry into files whose type can be .nrrd, .mat, .bmp, .mrc, .tiff, .dcm, .png. But it seems none of these types can be imported in Hypermesh. Has anyone faced this problem before ? Does someone have an idea to solve the problem ? Thanks in advance !
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