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  1. @Rahul R i have seen the ebook, but the ebook does not help. It doesn't even refer radiation, nor View factors or anything that would help decide how to simulate the space environment. I was hoping you could be more specific.
  2. Hello, I have the following warning message: *** USER WARNING MESSAGE 9994 (BULKPM) SPC near line 26984 was entered more than once, with differences starting at field SID However, when i try to find the line by the id 26984 it say that no line with the id was found or selected. How can i identify the line? I have entered SPC on several surfaces instead of being in the elements, can that be the reason? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello all, I need to perform a Thermal Analysis on a Satellite. In order to do it so simulating the space thermal environment is needed. My question is: How can I simulate the space thermal environment in hypermesh with Optistruct to take into account the specific orbit and time of the year. Thanks in advance, Best Regards
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