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  1. Hello, 

    I have the following warning message:

    SPC near line 26984 was entered more than once, with differences starting at field SID

    However, when i try to find the line by the id 26984 it say that no line with the id was found or selected
    How can i identify the line? 


    I have entered SPC on several surfaces instead of being in the elements, can that be the reason? 


    Thanks in advance

  2. Hello all, 

    I need to perform a Thermal Analysis on a Satellite.

    In order to do it so simulating the space thermal environment is needed. 
    My question is: How can I simulate the space thermal environment in hypermesh with Optistruct to take into account the specific orbit and time of the year. 

    Thanks in advance, 
    Best Regards

  3. Hello!

    I have the similar problem! 

    So can I prepare the model in student edition with Optistruct and then open the same model in other computer with unlimited edition with NASTRAN? 

    Will there be any kind of errors in the model I have prepared? 

    Thanks in advance! 

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