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  1. And if I try to move the whole model, in the X and Z directions, the solid axis always remains in its initial position. All other points are translated except the axis.
  2. I did it, but the length of the solid axis hasn't changed as in the screenshot below.
  3. Hey there, I've a question about the track in a suspension model upoloaded from assembly wizard. Where can I change this value? I'm using a solid axle model and I need to set the lenght of the axle. Thank you for help!
  4. Hey there, I've a question about the Ackermann percentage, where can I find this value in view reports? Thank you for help!
  5. Hey there, I've a question about the steering ratio in a rackpin steering system of a assembly wizard model. Where can i set this value? Thank you for help!
  6. Hey there, I've a question about the global origin in motionview. How can I upload a model by assembly wizard and set the origin? For example, I need the global origin in the same point of the centre of the wheel in a double whisbone suspension model. Thanks for the help!
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