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  1. Hello I had practiced the tutorial "OS-T: 1395 Acoustic Analysis of Speaker Using RADSND" , and interesting in if I put any obstacle between the speaker and receiver, the distribution of sound pressure will change or not? as the picture but I was no idea how to setup Anyone had this experience before?
  2. Thank you for your reply @Adriano A. Koga
  3. Hello all I am studying about Random Response Analysis ( OS-T 1325 ) and using Optistruct 2020 ver. But I can't find tabrnd1 and others Card start with "TAB" TABDMP、TABFAT、TABLEM...... Can anyone tell me why?
  4. Hi Adriano A. Koga, thank for your reply It is what I am exactly need! Thank you
  5. Hello all I interested in how to produce a optimization by HSt and acusolve It would seem to had a tutorial. (Hst-1535) But It is removed in my hyperworks help 2019、2020. Is the tutorial still work? where can I find those model and pdf? or any other tutorial instead? Thanks you everyone
  6. Hi Sourav Das I' ve attached the file Thx 3D_5.csv
  7. Hello I want to draw a 3D bar graphic shown as below but no matter how I edit my .csv file, it always show "unable to recognize ......(xxx .csv) " so, I suppose the function need a prescribed format, but I don't know that. Can anyone help me?
  8. Hello all I am working a model which is a tank with water and air. The Tank and Fluid impact to a rigid wall, and I want to see the stress of Tank and density of fluid. The container is shell element and fluid were built by ALE. The model seem fine when model check, but it generate negative volume problem quickly. (on fluid element) I don't know how to solve this issue, any option or suggest? 20200514_9_0000.rad 20200514_9_0001.rad
  9. Hi @Simon Križnik thank your reply The attached file indeed make that floor in a zero relative velocity with respect to the ball. But actually I have added a card (INIV/Axis) in the engine file. If the card is added, the relative velocity condition seem to disappeared. All my setting includes Skew, Frame, gravity load , INIV, and IMPVEL is followed by the attached PDF file and input file. I want to reproduce the process for a repeated drop test analysis. One of steps is that control those inactivate floors to move with the phone. In detail, I need to give different initial velocity in several engine file, and make sure those inactivate floors is moved with my product. I was trying to obey the guide but seem something is wrong. aPhone_droptest_demo_corner_original_version.7z RADIOSS可重复间歇式跌落.pdf
  10. Hello, I have some problem with setting of IMPVEL. I need to procedure a repeated drop test analysis, so I created some floor. for example, in the figure the blue floor is No.1 , and the red is No.2 In First step, I expect the ball drop to the blue floor and the red floor is move with the ball in a Zero relative velocity. Therefor I created a Frame base on the ball, and set some IMPVEL load with the red floor and the Frame. But actually the red floor is static. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? #attached is my input file and result. drop_test_IMPVEL.rar
  11. Hello I have a issue with the card I want to set a relative initial velocity between components and a frame in engine files therefor I found /INIV/AXIS It is still in The latest version help document, so I suppose it is still workable But my Hypermesh UI hasn't the CARD So, the card is alive or not? how can I find it? Thank you for the help
  12. Hi all I got a starter file, and it is wrote with name of parameter and value. for example, like this picture I am trying to export my .rad file, but it has value only. like this it is difficult to check and edit the .rad file how can I fix it? thx
  13. The Bounding Box Tool looks convenient. But I can't find it in Acusolve profile?
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