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  1. Hi @Simon Križnik thank your reply The attached file indeed make that floor in a zero relative velocity with respect to the ball. But actually I have added a card (INIV/Axis) in the engine file. If the card is added, the relative velocity condition seem to disappeared. All my setting includes Skew, Frame, gravity load , INIV, and IMPVEL is followed by the attached PDF file and input file. I want to reproduce the process for a repeated drop test analysis. One of steps is that control those inactivate floors to move with the phone. In detail, I need to give different initial velocity in several engine file, and make sure those inactivate floors is moved with my product. I was trying to obey the guide but seem something is wrong. aPhone_droptest_demo_corner_original_version.7z RADIOSS可重复间歇式跌落.pdf
  2. Hello, I have some problem with setting of IMPVEL. I need to procedure a repeated drop test analysis, so I created some floor. for example, in the figure the blue floor is No.1 , and the red is No.2 In First step, I expect the ball drop to the blue floor and the red floor is move with the ball in a Zero relative velocity. Therefor I created a Frame base on the ball, and set some IMPVEL load with the red floor and the Frame. But actually the red floor is static. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? #attached is my input file and result. drop_test_IMPVEL.rar
  3. Hello I have a issue with the card I want to set a relative initial velocity between components and a frame in engine files therefor I found /INIV/AXIS It is still in The latest version help document, so I suppose it is still workable But my Hypermesh UI hasn't the CARD So, the card is alive or not? how can I find it? Thank you for the help
  4. Hi all I got a starter file, and it is wrote with name of parameter and value. for example, like this picture I am trying to export my .rad file, but it has value only. like this it is difficult to check and edit the .rad file how can I fix it? thx
  5. The Bounding Box Tool looks convenient. But I can't find it in Acusolve profile?
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